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Privacy Policy - SMTP VPS Skip to contentHOMEVPS SMTP SERVERSDEDICATED SMTP SERVERSRESELLERSBLOGCONTACT US × LegalAcceptable Use PolicyPrivacy PolicyRefund Policy COMPANYAbout usContact usSMTPVPS BlogNetworks HomeVps Smtp ServersDedicated SMTP ServersSMTP ResellerCompany About usContact usClient Area AnnouncementsYour DomainsYour ServicesYour InvoicesSubmit A TicketUpdate DetailsDeposite FundsUpdate Credit CardManage ContactsSMTPVPS BlogPrivacy PolicyWe (“SMTPVPS”) reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time.SMTPVPS (“”) has created this privacy policy statement in order to demonstrate our visitor transferral to privacy. The pursuit discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.IP Login InformationWe alimony your IP details for security reason so that we can make sure who is accessing the data misogynist at our website or server. We have no other use of this information. You can request us if you want to know who logged in at what time using which IP in your account.Order FormsDuring the order process we collect personal information for billing and contact purpose. We do not sell or unroll that information to anyone until get orders from magistrate or legal authorities.Third Party Information that we collect at our website for our own use only we do not share this data with any third party.Data SecurityAll the information that you are sharing at our website is fully secured, we use strong SSL protection for our website.Contacting the WebsiteIf you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or using this website you can contact us at Our ServicesDomainsVps Smtp ServersDedicated SMTP ServersResellers CompanyAbout usContact usSMTPVPS BlogNetworkssupportContact usKnowledge BaseSubmit A TicketGet In Touch With Us102 Suite Regus Center. Hamilton, NJ USAEmail: info@smtpvps.comPhone: (+1) 786 430-7197LEGALAcceptable Use PolicyPrivacy PolicyRefund PolicyClient AreaLoginAnnouncementsRegister DomainTransfer DomainSocial LinksCopyright © 2012-2018 All Rights Reserved